Friday, April 29, 2011

All Things Royal

I planned on waking up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding. Who was I kidding? If I don't have to wake up for work I don't get out of bed before 8 o'clock without a fight. But today was going to be different. Thanks to DVR I didn't miss a moment of this royal affair. And it was quite royal. Every girl's dream is to be a princess, meet prince charming, and live happily ever after. And today Kate Middleton's dream came true, making it a little more believable for the rest of us (ok, not really). She looked absolutely stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown and her absolutely gorgeous smoky eye that made the statement that smoky eyes are no longer for the night owls. The lace looked very elegant, the tiara just the right amount of flash, and the bouquet. the perfect size, let the dress shine. A fairy tale for the whole world to see. It made me wish that we had a royal family in the US, if only for the richness of the customs and traditions.

Then come the guests. There were many stunning guests at the affair. With each arrival the hats kept getting more and more extravagant. My best dressed goes to Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Her dress was gorgeous and at the same time understated. The accessories went so well, without looking matchy matchy the way they do when you wear bright colors. The look was classic and very put together. Victoria Beckham wowed as usual in a navy dress, her own design, that was very simple, therefore letting her headpiece do all the talking. And the bride's sister, Pippa, looked amazing (but in no way upstaged the bride) in her Alexander McQueen white cowl neck dress that flowed with exceptional elegance.

And the worst goes to: sisters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice (just all around bad, way too much going on there from the hats to the, uuugggghh, enough said.)

Even though most of us won't get the chance to be a princess, (there's still Harry) we can all feel like one every now and then. Here are a few things I love that have that royal touch and never fail at making me feel like royalty.

Juicy Couture Couture Couture - This perfume smells amazing. It is my all time favorite, and just looking at the ornate design of the bottle transports me to a different time.

When I think of riches I think gold. Unfortunately I'm not a fan so rose gold is the my answer. It's very feminine yet has a presence about it, and I get compliment on this watch multiple times daily. It dresses up anything that I'm wearing, even a pair of sweats. (hard to believe I disliked rose gold just a month ago.)

Tiffany & Co. earrings are timeless. They will suit me for years to come. I wear them with everything and they make me feel elegant. They add just the right hint of class to any outfit but never look over the top.

LUSH products make me feel pampered. Every single item I have ever gotten from LUSH has had a feeling of luxury. I love the way you feel after pampering yourself with a long bath or a face mask.

A great pair of heels (I don't own these, but mother's day is coming, I wish.) I like being comfortable so heels are not an everyday occurrence but on those rare occasions they make me feel elegant (and tall). The right pair of heels can finish off just about any outfit (except for sweats in this case, but I'm sure some would beg to differ.) Heels just make a look polished.

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