Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

I finally did it, I dumped my closet (on the floor of course). It was the next step in making my closet work for me. So with the help of my VERY critical friend (thank you keala@ I purged and it felt great.Now I have a more manageable collection of clothing, maybe not as large as before (I'll miss u circus t) but the peices collecting dust at the back of our closets certainly aren't making us fashionistas so it's time to let go.

Why I did it: My options were overwhelming. It wasn't due to sheer size of my closet (I actually didn't have that much this time around) or that I wanted to get rid of things so I can get new things (which is my usual reasoning). Some of the clothes I owned weren't working for me anymore (some never did). Ever have one of those days where you feel you have nothing to wear, thats everyday for me. Having things that didn't work made my mornings go a little like this. Stare at my closet. Pick out a shirt, pick out some pants. Decide it doesn't work well together after putting it on. Change shirt, change pants, change shirt back to the first shirt, repeat, get frustrated and stay in whatever outfit I had on when becoming frustrated because I couldn't continue this cycle, walk out the door looking less than great. To some of you this may sound familiar, rediculous to others (and to those of you that know me, you have probably witnessed this madness on more than one occasion and thought I was crazy.) When it came down to it did I really have nothing to wear? No, I had too much to wear and had no idea what was in my closet.

Here is what made it back in my closet. I am now left with a stack (20) of basic tops and a stack (20) of layering peices (sweaters, blazers, button ups, and random peices) and 6 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 dresses (of which 2 are special occasion dresses) and 1 very casual skirt. To some of you this may sound like a lot to others it may sound bare minimum, but compared to what I had in the past (purged 3 times in the last year) this is not a lot. And for the first time im excited and not in a great hurry to get more (or at least not going to replace all I got rid of ha ha). And here's the best part. This morning when it was time to get ready I could actually see everything in my closet in one glance, thought about combinations for a minute or so, pulled out what I needed , put it on, gave myself the once over, and walked out the door. Amazing. (for those of u who know me and are shaking their head in disbelief right now, true story this really did happen and it was eye opening.) I wish every morning was like this. So is purging the answer to all of our closet disasters? Not quite, there's more to this story. But it's a great start. I'll leave you with my outfit of the day from yesterday as I forgot to take a pic today. Thanks for following me on my fashion journey.

blouse: H&M
cardigan: target
belt: H&M
jeans: The Limited
shoes: Vera Wang Lavender (patent nude flats)
watch: Fossil (Rose Gold)

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  1. One of your bests posts yet!! I am NOT sorry about your baseball circus T!! LOL :-) AWESOME outfit and I'm excited to see more...