Monday, March 12, 2012

Red pants (you said what??!!)

My friend Keala and I went out for lunch yesterday, and since it was so nice out this is what I wore. It's so far from my usual colorless self but I liked it. (Please excuse the lack of makeup and hair, it was a lazy sunday and I'm still a little sick, I know excuses, excuses.)


striped top: H&M
scarf: H&M
red jeans: Forever 21
yellow flats: Tommy Hilfiger via Marshalls
crossbody bag: Forever 21

I've also been into scarves lately. I have so many but only knew two ways to wear them, looped and the way I'm wearing it here. But scarves no longer have to be boring thanks to this video from Nordstrom that I found on Go have a look for yourself it's full of fashion, makeup, and skincare for all you junkies out there.

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