Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wear It Out Wednesdays (kelly green)

It's going to be yet another HOT summer day, clothes stare back at me, some even raise their hand  (ok sleeve) high in anticipation of actually seeing daylight. I grab my kelly green shorts (yet again) leaving the rest of my closet seething in jealousy. This is the way most of August went.

I'm beginning a new series where I show you what I have on repeat. I'll pick an item or two each time and show how I'm wearing it out.

kelly green shorts   TJ Maxx  
 T-shirt    Old Navy 

Outfit here

Navy Cardigan   J. crew   (sold out in Navy)
Tank   Target (old)
orange braided belt  H&M 

Tippi sweater   J. Crew  on sale in kelly green
but I want it in every color.

I got these kelly green shorts shortly after I realized that it was way too hot to wear my beloved red jeans everyday, and they quickly found their way into my heart (ok my closet, are the two really so different?) I wish I could keep styling them into fall but I just don't see myself layering them with tights. So I guess I'll just have to buy something else in the color kelly green. 

Oh and the Starbucks? I'm officially addicted to Starbucks, (and the straw is kinda kelly green)
specifically iced Americano. As if I need any more spunk. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Love the shorts with the stripe top the best!!! :-)