Thursday, February 24, 2011

Filming disaster

So I finally got to filming my first YouTube beauty video today and the word "train-wreck" comes to mind. Since the first YouTube video i watched I've always had a respect for everyone that puts their face out there for others to see. That can be tough, now I see how tough it really is and everything else that goes along with it. I'm sure others went through this too. And to think how many people leave nasty comments on these videos that took work to make, makes me wonder if they have any idea.

I pretty much knew I wasn't going to get it on my first shot and... I didn't. Watching myself on video, which I've only done a few times when i was younger, was not as hard as I thought it would be. I was sitting there in front of the camera talking to no one but there might as well have been thousands of people there because that's how I felt. I'm a flight attendant, I make public announcements in front of hundreds of people a day and that doesn't phase me. And here I am in front of a camera with no one around, filming a practice video that I have no intention of uploading and I can't even say my name. Once I took a deep breath and got over the stage fright, (if you could even call it that) everything else came tumbling down. The lighting was bad cause a storm started rolling in, the angle didn't work, my head kept getting cut off, ha ha. I'm sure everyone out there is dying to watch a YouTube video by a girl with half a head. So I finally told myself that tomorrow is another day and I'll get it, it won't be perfect but I'll get it.

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