Monday, February 21, 2011

First Impressions

You get the chance to make a first impression but once. That's what I live for. In my everyday life as a flight attendant, and in my beauty search, it's all the same. I have to judge a book by it's cover, trust my initial reaction when someone says hello, that rush i get when a color in the pan catches the corner of my eye. I do the research too, does this foundation have staying power, is the color payoff enough, but that fist impression will always be there. Lust after products because they impress you, not because they are said to be impressive. Beauty items should work for the user, have fun using them but keep in mind you should not have to work hard at making them what you want them to be. Reviews should be a tool to assist you, not dictate your decision.

All my reviews are unique and genuine and are truly how I view an item at the time of review. If at any time I drastically change my opinion of a reviewed product I will post an update to the previous review.

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