Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First impressions/ First review

First impressions of products are sometimes as important as how a product performs as whole. If I don't get a good impression of the product initially what keeps me interested long enough to see all the product has to offer?

Philosophy Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer

I went to Sephora last week to to pick up a couple of things and this product caught my eye as one of the 100 point perk samples. I have used Hope in a jar, and the oil-free version in the past and I liked it, but a tinted moisturizer with the same formula would be great I thought. My sample came in a small tube but I have been using it for a few days and there is still plenty left. The full size also comes in a tube with a pump, packaging that's travel friendly, a plus for me. . The other aspect of the product that i like is it has SPF 20. So this is meant to be a multi-tasker, another plus. This is the original formula not the oil free and when I looked online I did not see the tinted moisturizer in oil free. That might be something to look for in the future because I did find it a little oily at first (almost like a sunscreen that has not completely sunk in) and my face got shiny by the end of the day. I thought this might be a problem because of my oily skin but so far it's been fine. No breakouts (keeping my fingers crossed). My sample is in the color light to medium and the color works just fine. Light to medium makes me believe that this could be a year round color since I'm pretty fair right now and it works fine. The coverage is very sheer, the sheerest coverage I have seen from any tinted moisturizer i have tried, but still appears to even out my skin. Since I have pretty clear skin at the moment this lack of coverage is ok. I don't think it's very buildable but if I'm using it as a moisturizer especially in the summer then I don't want to build it up anyway. I wasn't really looking for a new moisturizer by testing this product as I am very happy with my current one (Lush Vanishing cream, as close to holy grail as any product has ever gotten for me ) so I will not be replacing it with this. This might be a great product for the summer when I'm on the go outside and don't want my makeup to sweat off with a stronger SPF of course or even for the colder months when I'm doing something active and don't want makeup to clog up my pores but don't want to be barefaced. The fact that the product is formulated without parabens and sulfates is also a plus. So overall I like the product. Am I impressed? Almost, the potential is there. Will I purchase the full size? I'm not sure due to it's $38 price tag for not too much product (1.7 oz.). But I'll try it out on the beach next time I get a chance to see how well it holds up and who know maybe it'll end up as a future favorite.

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