Thursday, March 17, 2011

I lost my green

Happy St. Patrick's day. Its one of those days that's just all around fun even if you're not
Irish. On St. Patrick's everyone is Irish, if only for a day. And green is everywhere you turn. There's one problem, not being a color person myself I don't own any clothes in the color green. And I'm not going to buy something so I can wear it once a year. That's the problem with a day like St. Patricks day everyone is so excited but green is not really something that u wear everyday, or ever in my case. So I woke up this morning all excited with a sound solution to this problem. I recently bought a green eyeshadow (Mac humid, my first green eyeshadow I think) and I was going to do a green eye as my St. Patricks day accessory. Genius I know, as if no one else was thinking of doing the same thing. I was running a little behind so I ran out of the house in an attempt to catch the bus, my makeup would just have to wait until I arrived at work, not the first time. I arrive at work with a sea of green surrounding me and I can't find the green eyeshadow or my makeup brushes. I search frantically and have mini panic attack (Breathe) and I soon realize that in my mad rush out the door I must have left the eyeshadow at home along with my makeup brushes. What a tragedy.

I tell myself it's going to be ok, I would just have to improvise without my brushes and accessorizing for St. Pat's would have to wait until later. Plan B kicks in. When I'm in a pinch, q-tips are my go to item. So I search a couple of the airport shops and wouldn't ya know, no one has q-tips.

Plan C. Luckily I have the rest of my makeup with me (I carry it separate from my brushes and my misc. beauty items) so I use the tools I have, my fingers, and the little wooden brush that comes with benefit hoola bronzer (I always take the brush applicators out of all my cosmetics because they are useless to me and just keep falling out but this one was so cute that I just kept it in there even though I don't use it.) Applying my Makeup Forever MatVelvet+ foundation was easy because I usually apply it with my fingers anyway, it blends better that way. Because it's matte and keeps me oil free for most of the day no powder is needed. I use the brush for the first time to apply my bronzer as a contour (it's not horrible for occasions such as this but not a bronzer brush by any means) I use my blushable cream stick from NYC to give my cheeks some color (note to self, always carry some cream makeup in case something like this happens again and knowing me it will). For my eyes I use my paint pot in painterly and then over it I apply my paint pot in constructivist with my fingers and blend and it looks great. (I usually only use paint pots under powder shadow as a primer or to boost the color but they can also be used on their own like this, I have just never tried it.) Since I had the brush I added a nude crease color from my naked palette to smoke it out, but skipping this step would have been fine too. And then I apply pencil eyeliner and smudged that out with my fingers too. Add some lipstick and I'm done. If I hadn't had my cream blush I would have just used some of my lipstick and blended well. So this whole look could have been created with just my fingers with the exception of the bronzer which I could go without. The look took a fraction of the time it would have taken me with brushes and looked just as good. I still prefer application with brushes but the next time I'm in a rush I may just use this shortcut again. The only thing missing was mascara and that was with my brushes so nothing could be done.

Back to the accessories. I was fortunate that one of my coworkers brought oversized neck ties for everyone so I was set there too. I finally felt Irish. At the end of this long day my makeup still looked great (to my surprise) but I had to give back the tie. Once again I was left with no green. I'm in Providence, so close to Boston, how could I go somewhere without green? People would stare (i know I'm being ridiculous). So I head out to the drugstore to get some nasal spray for my allergies ( I left that at home too) but mostly for my mascara ( I'm not going another day without it, and now I could try out a new one) and as I'm walking down the street a few people stare (no really, I'm not imaging this) but I quickly realize that they're staring at my shoes (Vibram FiveFingers) which are something to stare at, cause they look weird and they're gray and green. So not only do I already own something festive i also found my green. Happy St. Patrick's Day

Items purchased as a result: Loreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black

Trend I'm loving right now: ombré hair (I really want to get mine done like this) it's so refreshing compared to just boring old highlights.

Trend I'm hating: wearing a neck scarf as a belt in the belt loops of your pants (especially if it's green for St. Patty's Day and you have an actual belt under it, oh yes she did.)

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  1. That MAC Humid looks like a really pretty color...any chance of seeing a pic of it swatched? LOVE the Vibrams!!!