Monday, March 21, 2011

Step into spring (in brights)

Spring is here and I'm excited. It's about time. It has been pretty nice here the last few days minus all the rain, hail, and allergies that come along with spring (it's hailing as I write this.) Hey it's better than snow and below zero temperatures. But not to fear snow is on it's way. In the meantime it feels like spring. I went out to the mall this weekend to pick up a few things. I figured since it was the first day of spring I would go to the outdoor mall. Big mistake, it didn't get above 40 degrees that day. But anyhow, there I am strolling around in the rain in my pastel yellow flats (it seems to rain every time I wear these no matter my location) feeling like some spring shopping is in order. First on my list is the LUSH at Macy's. I received an email that same morning with all the new flower bath bombs and I was super excited to check them out in person. I walk up to the Macy's and this is what I see.

My husband was with me and said I froze in the middle of the door and just stared with my jaw open while people walked around me. I then walked up to at least three of the other makeup counters with questions of what's going on. I was told that LUSH was just getting a facelift for the season and would reopen within two weeks. This did not ease my anxiety and neither did the fact that a few of them tried to talk me into trying their products. Not the time. So now I'm counting down the days until I can smell the beautiful aroma of soaps and bath bombs again. How will I survive 2 weeks without my fresh face masks?

I was only going to LUSH and Sephora but I ended up going to a few more stores to make up for the disappointment. So here's my haul of the week.

So I stopped at Sephora first and quickly found what I went in there to buy, Korres lip butter in pomegranate (plus a couple samples of items I've been interested in trying but more about that in my next post). In my never ending search for a Holy Grail lip balm I have intended on buying this for quite some time and never did. I don't know why I didn't (maybe because of the $10 price tag for not too much product, i know, how silly) and now wish I had instead of having spent my money (much more than $10 combined) on some of the worthless balms I have accumulated. Only two days of using this stuff and I'm hooked. HG? I don't know. I take those words very seriously and it takes me time to arrive at them (but if I do I will let u know). The formula is great. The pot doesn't really bother me because I'm the only one using it (pots don't really bother me in general because I transfer so many of my products into smaller containers for travel, plus if a products is good it should speak for itself) and the color, well it goes on a little flush of color but it sheers out. It's a balm, that's what I expect a balm to do. As for the scent it's pretty but not overpowering (the only time it seems that I don't mind an overpowering scent is when it's mint like in the c.o. Bigelow lip balms). Overall this product is great. (yes even better than the e.o.s lip balm I featured in my February favorites video on YouTub, which i'm still also using.)

Banana republic was not on my list but when I noticed they were having 30% off the whole store I couldn't pass it up. All I found here was a cute linen sheer tshirt type of top. With a pocket that's sideways which makes it interesting. It's flowy so I can wear it now layered over a long sleeve or under a sweater with leggings and in the spring over a camisole. It's sort of a peach color, and since I have nothing in this color I went for it. I'm getting better with this color thing. The picture didn't do it justice so i left it out.

So naturally my next purchase had to be black (I'm starting to like colors but don't be ridiculous, old habits die hard.) When I think of spring, baseball immediately comes to mind. I love baseball. I love going to the games, I love watching the games, I love rooting for my team (Chicago White Sox, yes I'm from the South Side.) it's my idea of a good time. But I want to look cute at the games and that requires wearing black. (sorry to those who thought I was converting to all brights.) A few years ago Victoria's Secret started expanding their PINK line with university apparrel. Then came MLB (baseball) and then NFL (football). I love the fact that I can finally support my teams without looking like I shrunk my husbands shirts. Girls are sport fans too, I love that Victorias secret tapped into this market. So I picked up this black tshirt. It's gonna go perfect for opening day with a white long sleeve underneath (I do live in Chicago where opening day tends to be cold.) I also found a few other items I want to purchase. Now if they only carried NHL apparel they would have all the bases covered (atleast for me.)

Last stop, walgreens. I wanted to exchange the Loreal Voluminous mascara I purchased the other day. I changed my mind after using it a couple of times and thinking what's there to like about this. I exchanged It for the Voluminous in original formula, we will see if I like this better. Then I remembered that I needed hand cream and per a friends suggestion I picked up CeraVe moisturizing cream. I used it a couple of times and it definetly soaks in better than the nivea I was most recently using. It also stays pretty smooth and silky while soaking in unlike those that feel heavy on your skin. It's hypoallergenic and has no scent that I can detect which is a plus (scented products seem to dry out my skin more than they moisturize it). And most importantly it works. I compared the price to other similar creams and a tub of Aquaphor, which is known to lock in moisture as well (tried it don't like the greasy gel feeling on my hands) runs you about the same. The only drawback is the big tub it comes in and not a squeeze bottle but I will transfer it into something smaller that dispenses better so not a problem for me.

Things I'm dying to get:

Victoria's Secret sweatshirt and sweatpants PINK White Sox. So cute for lounging around the house when you're not up for

going out to watch the game but still want to wear the colors. BTW they have all the teams on their website so pick up your team apparel and show that girls can be fans too.

Sigma brush set with hard case. I've been wanting to order some Sigma brushes for a while. This seems like a perfect introduction to Sigma. The brush roll is a great idea for me since I travel so much and currently carry my brushes in a pencil case. (I don't really like the traditional brush roll.)

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